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Joris Rose

Only Sad Love Songs -

Anyone who listens to the twenty-something singer/songwriter could think that Joris Rose is revelling in the shards of his last heartbreak. Yearning, unrequited love, and broken hearts – The perfect soundtrack to get drenched in sweet melancholy in the middle of the night. Joris‘ music can be placed somewhere between Indie-folk and acoustic-pop and in true singer/songwriter fashion he is accompanied by his acoustic guitar. Faded sounds, pads, and simple rhythmical patterns emphasise his wistful messages.


The Stuttgart-born musician recently moved to Rostock to do “something related to music”- Music has been a momentous part of his life from the early days. At 12-years old Joris has already been part of his first (punk) band. Soon after, his first concerts and small studio productions followed. A couple years later, during travels through the UK, Joris fell, head over heels, for the local music scene and began to emulate his British singer/songwriter idols. He commenced to solely write songs about love as well as experimenting with various performance techniques and sub-genres. Now, Joris Rose enters the stage together with his loop station and primarily performs alone.  


After finishing high school, Joris followed up on one on his little dreams and travelled to England to roam local pubs to play gigs and busk in the busy highstreets. In London he participated in the Go Out of Tune Sessions, which are part of a series of live sessions of the London music scene.


In 2020 Joris Rose published his first tracks on Spotify and co. With “The bottom”, a song about the troubles of a long-distance relationship, he set the foundation to what he can do best - Sad Love Songs

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